rAZEL in The wOOds of Wisconsin

A PUPPET NAMED RAZEL by Suzae Chevalier


There is a puppet named Razel
I have a new dreams
I am healed I am no longer mean.

I give loving thoughts to all human beings.
My mind is healed no more craziness within
I have been healed by the Holy Spirit by

my Jesus the Savior who dwells within.
I no longer live in the cloth I no longer sin
I do not use my vanity with my looks to get even.
I now want to seek God’s face
I have Jesus’s mercy and grace.
Jesus looks to my future not to my past,
I have authority over Satan, through Jesus’s name I trample him at last.

Updated On March 30, 2018

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 12,2010
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