Reformed Puppet in Jesus name



There is a puppet named Razel
I have a new dreams
I am healed I am no longer mean.

I give loving thoughts to all human beings.
My mind is healed no more craziness within
I have been healed by the Holy Spirit by

my Jesus the Savior who dwells within.
I no longer live in the cloth I no longer sin
I do not use my vanity with my looks to get even.
I now want to seek God’s face
I have Jesus’s mercy and grace.
Jesus looks to my future not to my past,
I have authority over Satan, through Jesus’s name I trample him at last.

Updated On March 30, 2018


346c3aacbb35f3c0c639c72fb91f6f6eJesus Died For Us – Poem by Suzae Chevalier

Jesus died for us
so we could have more life
He cancelled our sins
but we still need to repent.
We have all lived in the flesh
we now can live in the spirit
with the Holy Spirit in us.
Thank You Jesus for my salvation
and forgiveness of sins
I go to the cross and pray again and again.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 30,2018