Reformed Puppet in Jesus name

Welcome to my icey cold website…and see my stats below.

yEeeS, thIS is RAZEL – the eViL Ice-witch PuPpIT…MY nAME is ProNOUNCED RayZeL…sounds like nAzEL…got it… GOOD…Now onto MY WeBSiTe…but first visit and HEaRR my voice!!
Melodie Mezoree’ my daughter (but she claims not anymore)

is doing an AppeARance as ….my FavoRITE…singer…in her upcoming movie…fiND oUT SoOon!!!
See my offspring at  and

Name: Razel
Nickname: Raze
Favorite food: Icecream
Arch Enemy: Suzaria & UniCandle unicorn
Dream: To kiss Batman–sorry Robin
Reality: Kissing Santa Claus
Seperated at birth: Elvira
Male equivalent: Dracula
Favorite Movie: Dracula by Bram Stocker 1992 Francis Ford Coppola
Favorite Song: Vampire Song off of Dracula movie soundtrack
Prized Possession: Bora Bora straw hat
Wants to be: Pony next time around to catch up with UniCandle unicorn